The Top 5 Questions You Should be Asking When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer by Love The Moment Photography

Getting married is exciting and overwhelming all in the same breath. Costs can add up quickly and then panic mode sinks in, you start thinking how to “cut” down and stay on budget, you think you can find a “cheaper” photographer.

Wrong Move.

Think about it, after the dress is worn, the I Do’s are said, the cake is cut and the dance floor has had its share of Aunt Ethel doing her best Macarena, pictures are the ONLY memories you will have of all your hard planning. The details, the emotions, those magic moments that take your breath away can only be reminisced upon though a photograph.  The day goes by so quickly you have to hope and trust your photographer knows your vision and their job well enough that every lasting moment has been caught on camera.

1. How soon I book and what will it cost?
If you have a favourite photographer it’s best to choose your venue, date and then photographer.

We photographers book up a year in advance- sometimes even 2 years! One of the biggest parts of your budget should be set aside for a photographer, period.  I’m not saying the more money the better the photographer either, what I’m saying is you get what you pay for- do your homework. You will find photographers range from about $1500- $5000 all depends what the investment includes.

2. How many photos do I get and what’s final product going to look like?
Some photographers offer all the photos, but only give 50 edited photos. Others will offer albums, wall prints, or prints- this is often in the cost. Many or most give a custom USB with all the images for your printing leisure. Editing will be the final finish on your photos, I strongly suggest finding a photographer that has an editing vision you like- Light and airy, moody, bold colours, a matte finish, or black and whites. You want your photos to feel timeless to you.

3. How do I choose a photographer that best suits me?
When choosing a photographer, pour over a dozen or more websites, does their style speak to you? Are they editorial, documentary, romantic, posed, candid, traditional? Have a meeting with photographer(s) you are interested in. Ask to see a FULL wedding, not just the best on a website. You want to see how the photographer captures an entire day not just a few great shots. Most importantly, personality! The photographer is the one vendor that will be with you the longest on your day, make sure you like them… A lot.

4. Back up?
Does your chosen photographer have back up equipment in the case something breaks mid-day? How long and where do they keep your photos after they have been delivered. What if you loose your photos 5, 10 even 20 years down the road- your photographer should have all weddings backed up to external hard drive- maybe even a couple so your precious day is preserved forever.

5. Who Should I Hire?
Don’t book a family member or friend (unless this is legitimately their living) It never ends well for either party.  Don’t look for someone starting out in weddings, 4+ years and 40 weddings later is when a wedding photographer really is on their game. They can handle all lighting conditions, spur of the moment changes, they get every detail, they have talked with other vendors involved at a wedding- minister, DJ, wedding planner, to make sure everyone is on the same page and they are getting the notifications to be at key moments.

Bonus tips for perfect photography

* If you have getting ready photos make sure the area is clean of clutter.

* Have your wedding dress on a nice hanger for photos.

* Consider an unplugged ceremony, have your guests present- let the photographer capture the memories.

* Does your photographer offer an online gallery? You can send the link to family and friends to download and print any photos they want as well.

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Rachel Wittenberg (Rae) is the owner and primary photographer of Love the Moment…Photography.
She has been in the wedding biz for 10 years, capturing magical moments.  She prides herself on creativity making each wedding different than the next.

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